Photo by Payje Bier Photography 2011, all rights reserved

This Christmas, I was lucky enough to have two travel firsts in my life.  New Orleans, and (bum bum bum)… a CRUISE!  I was not sure how it would go over, as I do not consider myself a “cruising” kind of girl.  Honestly, I was afraid of a Titanic-esque situation playing out (in case you are concerned/terrified as well, I did learn very quickly that there are more than enough life boats to go around).  However that was not the only reason that I eyed the cruise boat warily.  My mom has always relayed a story to me about when she and my dad were in Mexico years ago.

She reminisced about how she and my father were having a lovely day, just lounging around on the beach, minding their own business, likely sipping pina coladas or something similar.  When all of a sudden, up cruises a cruise ship.  What followed was like a horror story to me.  Hoards of loud and obnoxious people flowing off of the boat elbowing each other for a 3 foot patch of beach, filling up on as much cheap alcohol as possible before returning to the costly ship booze, and just creating an extremely loud and unrelaxing scene in general.  In my mind it looks like a zombie movie where the zombies are really aliens who crash to earth then stagger out and suck up all the resources before returning to the mother ship.

Yeah, I would say that I had a pretty bad impression of cruises.

So, when I learned that my grandmother was taking my dad’s side of the family on a holiday cruise for her 85th birthday, I was just not sure what to expect.  Turns out it was pretty awesome.  There was a certain amount of zombie horror that I myself participated in entering and leaving the ship, but it was great to see the family and it was a perfect way for everyone to spend time together.   We went to three different beautiful places, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica, and ultimately that was the most difficult part of the cruise for me.  I love to travel, and I love to explore and find out everything that a place has to offer.  Culture and people are my favorite things about travel.  It absolutely killed me to have a few short hours in each place before having to get back on the ship.  I asked my parents if they could please just leave me in Jamaica.  My dad told me that he had already applied for a job as a towel boy and would put in a good word for me.

In the end, I remind myself that I would like to try everything once, and I really did have a great time on the RC (Royal Caribbean).  It’s really crazy when you’re walking down a “promenade” with restaurants and stores surrounding you to think that you are actually in the middle of the sea with nothing else around you for miles…and the sunsets were incredible.  I got some great photos from the trip that I will share over the next few days, and a lot of memories too.


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