Polyvore Creations: Tangerine Smoke

Tangerine Smoke


Here is what I was going for with this outfit:

Smoke/Taupe/Slate have been killer colors this winter.  So I made the winter elements of the outfit smoke.

Tangerine is a GLORIOUS color that is just on its way in for the summer.  So I made the summer elements of the outfit tangerine.

The result is a delightful springtime getup that says “I’m ready for rain puddles and iced tea and sunshine… but it’s still cold outside.”

Polyvore Creations: Easy Rider

Easy Rider

I love this outfit, it was really fun to make because I was picturing myself riding a motorcycle through the desert the whole time.

Haha what a dork.

But seriously, I love all this stuff, I love the neutral colors, I love the fringe, I love the leather and tribal, I love the boots.  And I love the legwarmers/bootsocks!!!