Beauty tip: Get off that yucky sticky stubborn glitter polish EASILY!

So.  You jumped on the glitter train.  Me too.  It’s so cute right?  And it’s everywhere!  It’s sparkly, shiny, versatile, colorful, and it stands out.  As soon as I saw the new Muppets colors from OPI, I rushed out to the store.

We all painted our nails without a care in the world.  We reveled in our compliments for about a week until we discovered an even better technique to maximize our glitter potential, and busted out the polish remover.

Flash to me practically crying in frustration as I try to scrape the glitter flakes off of my fingernails with a butter knife 20 minutes later.  Yeah.  I would imagine that you know the feeling.  But there is a better way!


This is the angry glitter that I am talking about.  Let’s kick it’s butt.

This is what you need:

  • Tin foil cut up into 1 by 1 inch squares
  • Polish remover
  • Cotton squares or something similar, torn into nail-sized pieces

This is what you do:

  • Douse the cotton pieces in polish remover.  DOUSE THEM!
  • Put one piece on each nail, then cover it up with the foil and squeeze it tight around your finger.  I mean as tight as you can.  It has to keep the cotton pressing against your nail
  • Wait 5-7 minutes, and hope that no one comes into the room and sees you.  My boyfriend did and I had to explain that I wasn’t trying to prevent aliens from stealing my finger’s thoughts.
  • Once your time is up, push down on the nails and rub around a little bit while removing the foilies.
  • Donesies! Now admire your resourcefulness and get ready for some new polish!

Photo of the Day (and a long story to go with it)

Photo by Payje Bier Photography ( 2009, all rights reserved

Few people are lucky enough in life to get to see this for themselves.  It is not on the beaten path, not somewhere that you can bop down to for the weekend.  It is a journey to get to, that is for sure.  And actually, I think that is one of the things that makes it so incredibly amazing.  It is not cheapened by convenience.  Nestled deep in the mountains of a country steeped in ancient culture an tradition, the journey to the top of this sacred mountain is as incredible as the space itself.

I visited Machu Picchu in 2009, while on an archaeological dig during college (I did not excavate there, I was working in a small town called Pucara).  I was with my family for a few weeks before the dig, my mom, dad, and little sister.  It was actually by the grace and stubbornness of my mother’s gypsy spirit that we made it there in the first place: it was on her bucket list.  I should mention that this same wanderlust has already taken her around the world and back numerous times.

My sister and I were crassly awoken by our alarm at around 4 am on the morning of our ascension.  You have to get to the bus station EARLY if you want to get your butt on a bus and make it up to the top by sunrise.  Rubbing our eyes, we stumbled out onto the tiny cobbled streets of Aguas Calientes, a city with plenty of alpacas but not a single car (unless you count the busses that shuttle masses back and forth to the top of the mountain).

The stories were true.  Even this early, the lines were crazy long.  But we were on a mission.  And if you know my father, you know that he has a (not so) mysterious way of moving through crowds.  It is not unusual to get left behind if you get distracted for even a moment.  A few elbows thrown here and there and voila! We were on our way.  The bus driver (like ALL other drivers in Peru) threw caution to the wind as a rule.  The bus careened wildly up a series of impossibly tight switchbacks, and, if we weren’t awake before the drive, we certainly were now.  Nothing like fear for your life to perk you right up.  After we surprisingly reached the upper parking lot in one piece, we were herded off of the bus, and hustled up to scout a viewing area.  We didn’t have long to wait.  The light was getting brighter, and the sun was only minutes away.  I was practically pushing people out of the way of my camera’s viewfinder…I knew this was something that I did NOT want to miss, and I certainly didn’t want my visual memories of the experience to include large German tourists.

In the end, the sunrise was so awe inspiring that I forgot the supposed importance of digital memories and just took the moment for myself.  It was the feeling of knowing that you are witnessing something truly special, that few others get to see, and that you will only experience this one time in your life.  There is nothing like that feeling.  It was the most beautiful morning, the sun came up quickly as wisps of fog crowded through the high mountain jungle and across the dramatic green peaks.  Pictures of Machu Picchu are incredible, but unless you are there in person there is no way to describe the scale of these mountains, and the drop offs that await you on all sides of this ancient getaway.  I live for moments like these, I relish them, and I hold on to them to examine later when things get boring.

Later that day my mom witnessed tourists being stampeded by llamas.  This post is already way too long so I will leave that image to your imaginations.

Pretty polish Wednesday: Glitter and sheer is where it’s at!

Chunky glitter polish with a sheer coat over top is my FAVE new trend.  It makes it look less glittery, like there are sprinkles on your nails!  For this look I used 4 coats:

The results are magical, I’m not even kidding.  Give it a shot and count how many compliments you get!  It also looks fa-han-tastic with Rainbow Connection by OPI, I’ll put up a picture of that one soon!  Has anyone else tried this? What did you think?

Want to know how to get the glitter polish off without picking at it for days or crying from frustration?  Check back tomorrow!


Photo by Payje Bier Photography 2011, all rights reserved

This Christmas, I was lucky enough to have two travel firsts in my life.  New Orleans, and (bum bum bum)… a CRUISE!  I was not sure how it would go over, as I do not consider myself a “cruising” kind of girl.  Honestly, I was afraid of a Titanic-esque situation playing out (in case you are concerned/terrified as well, I did learn very quickly that there are more than enough life boats to go around).  However that was not the only reason that I eyed the cruise boat warily.  My mom has always relayed a story to me about when she and my dad were in Mexico years ago.

She reminisced about how she and my father were having a lovely day, just lounging around on the beach, minding their own business, likely sipping pina coladas or something similar.  When all of a sudden, up cruises a cruise ship.  What followed was like a horror story to me.  Hoards of loud and obnoxious people flowing off of the boat elbowing each other for a 3 foot patch of beach, filling up on as much cheap alcohol as possible before returning to the costly ship booze, and just creating an extremely loud and unrelaxing scene in general.  In my mind it looks like a zombie movie where the zombies are really aliens who crash to earth then stagger out and suck up all the resources before returning to the mother ship.

Yeah, I would say that I had a pretty bad impression of cruises.

So, when I learned that my grandmother was taking my dad’s side of the family on a holiday cruise for her 85th birthday, I was just not sure what to expect.  Turns out it was pretty awesome.  There was a certain amount of zombie horror that I myself participated in entering and leaving the ship, but it was great to see the family and it was a perfect way for everyone to spend time together.   We went to three different beautiful places, Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica, and ultimately that was the most difficult part of the cruise for me.  I love to travel, and I love to explore and find out everything that a place has to offer.  Culture and people are my favorite things about travel.  It absolutely killed me to have a few short hours in each place before having to get back on the ship.  I asked my parents if they could please just leave me in Jamaica.  My dad told me that he had already applied for a job as a towel boy and would put in a good word for me.

In the end, I remind myself that I would like to try everything once, and I really did have a great time on the RC (Royal Caribbean).  It’s really crazy when you’re walking down a “promenade” with restaurants and stores surrounding you to think that you are actually in the middle of the sea with nothing else around you for miles…and the sunsets were incredible.  I got some great photos from the trip that I will share over the next few days, and a lot of memories too.

Numero Uno

My name is Payje, and I am inviting you to join me on a new internet adventure. I have been (moderately) successful in the blogging world so far with my couponing blog  (Things You Want to Know, Places You Want to Go), but even though I do love to coupon, I love other things a lot more.

I love photography

I love to cook

I love to craft, sew, knit, crochet, paint, mod-podge, felt, hot-glue, pin, poke, cut, and recreate things

I love fashion

I love to paint my fingernails

I love to travel

I love fun facts

I love giraffes


Well, that last one is non-blog related, but you get the point.  My interests in life far outreach the scope of the grocery store and a coupon binder.  I was feeling trapped.  No matter how hard I tried I just plain couldn’t fit the square block into the circle hole to make things fit together.  You can even tell from the name of my old blog that I had other intentions in mind when I started it up, otherwise I would have named it “Things You Want to Use Coupons For, Places You Want to Go Couponing”.

I wouldn’t really have named it that.

SO. Instead of making the difficult categorical transition on the old blog, I decided to make a clean break and bust out into the Word Press world with a brand spanking new creation.  I hope that this can become something vaguely pinterest-y/craftgawker-y/foodgawker-y/stumbl-y/PAYJE-Y (that’s my name if you didn’t catch it above).  I’m excited about this.  I hope you are too, and I hope you will join me in my adventuring and living life all over!

KingSize Version 3.1 Change Log


We have made quite a fix changes in this release. Including an important one, updating the Timthumb script to the most current and stable version. Below here you will find a detailed list of all the changes we have introduced in this version.

  1. Timthumb was updated. The entire “timthumb.php” file should be replaced with the new one.
  2. /lib/portfolios/portfolio-functions.php

    – Line #78 to #79, removed the placement photo. No default photo will show in portfolios if no image is selected.
  3. /template-portfolio.php

    – Line #41 to #45, removed the extra “_” from the paging issue. A typo on our part in the previous version.

    – Showing the meta “Read more” text of portfolio lit page added line #115.

    – Added a new “fixed character” setting for Portfolio Excerpts to remove the issue with breaking columns. Found on line #118.

    – Added the option of for Custom Read More, disable of the button and ability to insert a custom link to read more buttons.
  4. /single-portfolio.php

    – Line #6, added new template body ID to be called to enable the ability for the ‘lightbox’ galleries to work.

    – Line #38 to #52, made the “Portfolio” image/video conditional by enabling/disabling in the Theme Settings.

    – Added the check for comment panel control from theme setting. Added #55 to #61 (new coding in the template).
  5. /lib/theme-options.php

    – Modified to include the new Portfolio conditional “Single Item Image”.

    – Control of the Read more text of portfolio listing. Added #219 to #224.

    – Added in a new CSS Style Preferences where you can insert CSS to override the defaults in style.css.
  6. /js/options.js

    – Updated to include the new Theme Settings “Help” tooltips when mousing over the Help Icons inside Theme Settings.

    – Changed the jQuery from “$” to “jQuery” to provide better compatibilities with many of the conflicting plugins.
  7. /css/stylesIE7.css

    – IE FIX: commented out the first 2 lines for the IE navigation alignment issue.
  8. /header.php

    – IE FIX: Added new style in header.php #85 to #91.

    – Changed the jQuery from “$” to “jQuery” to provide better compatibilities with many of the conflicting plugins.

    – Line #71 has been updated to include a call to the Custom CSS, a new feature in General Theme Settings.
  9. /functions.php

    – Custom fields removal from the all post type. Added #379 to #385.
  10. /lib/theme-page-custom-fields.php


    – Applied the same styling to the Post and page custom write up options
  11. /lib/portfolio/portfolio-media-php

    – Added in new write panels options to correspond with new Portfolio settings.
  12. /lib/portofolio_template_style_js.php

    – Changed the jQuery from “$” to “jQuery” to provide better compatibilities with many of the conflicting plugins.
  13. /lib/portfolio/portfolio-meta.php

    – Added the new meta box for the portfolio page background meta options and read more and cutom link to read more.
  14. /lib/portfolio/js/kingsize-portfolio-upload-button.js

    – Attach the new action to open the background button gallery for including custom backgrounds to the portfolio item posts.
  15. /lib/theme-background.php

    – Added to override the pages default background.
  16. /php/contact-send.php

    – Fixed the email issue with the contact form. Now it is sending email using the native WordPress email function.

    – Applied new styling to the Contact Form so the success message is not overlapping the footer as it did in previous versions.
  17. /footer.php

    – Changed the jQuery from “$” to “jQuery” to provide better compatibilities with many of the conflicting plugins.
  18. /style.css

    – Applied some minor updates to the styling to compliment the Portfolio changes, Contact changes and a few other areas.

KingSize WordPress Sidebars & Widgets

This template comes with 2 widget ready sidebars and 1 widget ready footer. To include widgets, locate the area titled “Appearance” in your sidebar and select the “Widgets” from that menu selection.

Post / Blog Sidebar

Inside “Widgets” you will see a sidebar area titled “Main Blog Sidebar” and it is this sidebar that will appear throughout your website where specified. You just need to use the desired widgets of your choice, drag and drop into this area, then click save and you’re done.

Inside Theme Settings “KingSize WP” you can disable the sidebar for a full width blog post and archives if you wish not to use the sidebar.

Contact Sidebar Details

This widget area is designed for your Contact Page. When you assigned the Page Template “Contact“, its here this sidebar will be active. You can either use the custom widget we’ve included to insert your “additional contact details”, or add other widgets of your choice to this area by dragging and dropping them into this sidebar.

Footer Widget Ready

Here you’ll find 3 widget ready areas designed for your footer. Each specific to the footer, one is designed for the left, another for the center and lastly the right footer column. You can also disable this footer section via Theme Settings > “KingSize WP” at anytime.

Alike with the other widgets, you can drag and drop the desired widgets you wish to use.

KingSize Twitter Widget

To enable the KingSize Twitter widget in your sidebar, you need to go to “Appearance” > “Widgets” and locate the appropriate titled widget there. Now left click to drag and drop into the appropriate sidebar desired. Once selected, the widget will expand automatically asking you for some details to finalize the setup. You’ll be required to provide:

  1. Twitter Username (without @): So I would then enter “denoizzed” or “ourwebmedia” without the @.
  2. Widget Title: Is the name of this widget. So I would then enter “Recent Tweets” or similar.
  3. Set the # of Tweets to Display: By entering in the number “5” it will display the 5 most recent tweets.

Kingsize Gallery Widget

To enable the KingSize Gallery widget in your sidebar, you need to go to “Appearance” > “Widgets” and locate the appropriate titled widget there. Now left click to drag and drop into the appropriate sidebar desired. Once selected, the widget will expand automatically asking you for some details to finalize the setup. You’ll be required to provide:

  1. Title: This would be the name of the Widget you want when shown in the frontend sidebar.
  2. How many images: Is the number of images I want to display, so I would enter the number “3”.
  3. Order by: Option to order the images displayed either by “Random” or “Latest” added images.
  4. Image Link Type: Allows you to link to either the “Image”, “Article” or “Page” associated with that image.
  5. Image Hover Title: Also provides optional selection for where the image leads to.
  6. Show only 1 image per post: “Yes” will use only one image from each gallery, while “no” will select recents.

For further assistance, please visit