Life all over is moving!

So, when I started this blog, I didn’t realize that there was a difference between and  After trying to figure out how to change themes and do all the things I wanted to do with my blog I realized that I was in the wrong place.  If you have been enjoying my posts and want to keep up with me and read more (we’re moving to Alaska in 2 months and will have an awesome road trip chocked full of pictures) please visit me at!  It’s way better over there.  Thanks for the support and we’ll see you at the new site!


Beauty tip: Get off that yucky sticky stubborn glitter polish EASILY!

So.  You jumped on the glitter train.  Me too.  It’s so cute right?  And it’s everywhere!  It’s sparkly, shiny, versatile, colorful, and it stands out.  As soon as I saw the new Muppets colors from OPI, I rushed out to the store.

We all painted our nails without a care in the world.  We reveled in our compliments for about a week until we discovered an even better technique to maximize our glitter potential, and busted out the polish remover.

Flash to me practically crying in frustration as I try to scrape the glitter flakes off of my fingernails with a butter knife 20 minutes later.  Yeah.  I would imagine that you know the feeling.  But there is a better way!


This is the angry glitter that I am talking about.  Let’s kick it’s butt.

This is what you need:

  • Tin foil cut up into 1 by 1 inch squares
  • Polish remover
  • Cotton squares or something similar, torn into nail-sized pieces

This is what you do:

  • Douse the cotton pieces in polish remover.  DOUSE THEM!
  • Put one piece on each nail, then cover it up with the foil and squeeze it tight around your finger.  I mean as tight as you can.  It has to keep the cotton pressing against your nail
  • Wait 5-7 minutes, and hope that no one comes into the room and sees you.  My boyfriend did and I had to explain that I wasn’t trying to prevent aliens from stealing my finger’s thoughts.
  • Once your time is up, push down on the nails and rub around a little bit while removing the foilies.
  • Donesies! Now admire your resourcefulness and get ready for some new polish!

Pretty polish Wednesday: Glitter and sheer is where it’s at!

Chunky glitter polish with a sheer coat over top is my FAVE new trend.  It makes it look less glittery, like there are sprinkles on your nails!  For this look I used 4 coats:

The results are magical, I’m not even kidding.  Give it a shot and count how many compliments you get!  It also looks fa-han-tastic with Rainbow Connection by OPI, I’ll put up a picture of that one soon!  Has anyone else tried this? What did you think?

Want to know how to get the glitter polish off without picking at it for days or crying from frustration?  Check back tomorrow!